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Michael Buswell – Programmer



He started working at SpEd Forms just before Christmas of 2013 as a Software Support Technician. Based on exceptional programming skills, he was quickly promoted to Programmer, and now serves as a senior programmer with SpEd Forms.


Michael graduated from Southeast Technical Institute with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming. He would like to move on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at USD (online of course) in Computer Science. He specializes in PHP, Java, JavaScript C#, ASP and ASP.NET.


Prior to joining SpEd Forms, Michael worked in the service industry for teight years as a technical support professional, helping subscribers of satellite TV fix their systems and point their dishes, and later helping customers get connected to the Internet. He brought away a lot of experience in troubleshooting and customer relations.


Michael is a serious nerd with a new-found love of learning, who likes to have fun by working on programming projects at home and listening to science and technology lectures from professors on YouTube from universities like the Indian Institute of Technology, MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Michael has lived in a lot of different places. Born in Wyoming, raised in Louisiana and Texas, lived in Virginia for a while and finally moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Michael two brothers, Jonathan and David. David and his wife live in Sioux Falls with their daughter Natalie; Michael is her godfather. Jonathan lives in Minneapolis and is pursuing an ongoing degree in modern agriculture and sustainable farming. Both of his parents, Joyce and Mike, live in hot and humid Houston, TX where Mike works as an oil exploration engineer, and Joyce is a GIS mapping analyst.

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