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Utilizing 835 X12 response data from DHS

Utilizing 835 X12 response data from DHS
After you have sent a batch file to DHS they create an “835 X12 Response” file that you can use to import the “Paid Amount” and the “Paid Date” for all the data in your batch file. Unfortunately these data files are not automatically added to your account but you can contact DHS and make a request to receive them.

Contact DHS and request to receive “835 HIPAA Electronic Remmittance Advice”

    1. Fill out the Electronic Remittance Advice Request Form and fax it back to the number provided on the form.
  1. Contact the “MHCP Provider Call Center” at 1-800-366-5411 or (651) 431-2700.
  2. Tell the DHS representative that you want to start receiving the “835 HIPAA Electronic Remittance Advice”.

Locating your DHS responses in MN-ITS

  1. Navigate to the MN-ITS website.
  2. Log in with the district’s username and password.
  3. Click on “MN-ITS: Interactive & Batch”.
  4. Click on “Mailbox” and then on “Transaction Responses (X12)”
  5. Click on the “835 X12” folder.
  6. On the right side of your screen you should see a list of file names.

NOTE: These data files will be named with a date and will probably be dated anywhere from 1 to a few days after you sent the batch (one data file for each batch file).

Saving the DHS response to your computer

  1. Use the procedure above to login to the MN-ITS website and find your “835 X12” response folder.
  2. Click once on the specific file name you want to download.
  3. You will then get a window asking if you want to Open or Save this file. Choose “Save”.
  4. Rename the file if necessary and “Save” the file to your Desktop or a specific folder of your choosing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For security reasons, your computer will not allow you to save this file directly to the SpEd Forms transfer folder.

NOTE: Once you have saved the file to your computer you must also save this file to your SpEd Forms transfer folder.  See Accessing your SpEd Forms transfer folder for instructions explaining how to connect to this folder.

Copy the DHS response(s) to your SpEd Forms transfer folder

If you have not setup a WebDav folder yet, use the instructions on this page:Accessing your SpEd Forms transfer folder
  1. Open “My Network Places”.
  2. Choose the network place for your SpEd Forms transfer folder (enter your username/password when prompted).
  3. Open a new folder on your computer and find your DHS response(s).
  4. Drag the DHS response(s) to the SpEd Forms transfer folder.

NOTE: Mac users can connect to the (WebDav) server using a procedure similar to the initial setup found on theAccessing your SpEd Forms transfer folder page.

Import DHS response data into MA Forms

  1. Open your SpEd Forms account, navigate to the administrative reports menu and click on “MA Forms reports”.
  2. From the MA Billing Menu, change or choose the district that corresponds to the data you want to import.
  3. From that districts MA Billing Menu, click on “Import DHS response (X12-835)”.
  4. To select a file, click the circle next to the name of the response file you want to import. Put a check in the “Override previous import” checkbox if you have already run this file and wish to run it again.
  5. Once you have made a selection, click on the “Import selected 835 response file>>” button.
  6. After the file has been imported, click on the “Match this 835 response with claims>>” button to match 835 lines with the response ID.

NOTE: When you are finished with the import navigate to the “Create/Edit Batch Files” page and search for some of the students from that batch. You will notice that the “Amount Paid” and “Date Paid” have been automatically filled in.

Denied claims: Sometimes claims get “Denied” and these are also marked in the DHS Response. You can search for claims that were “Denied” by putting a check in the “Denied” checkbox on the “Create/Edit Batch Files” page and clicking on “Search”.

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