Simply powerful special education software.

SpEd Forms is comprehensive, up-to-date special education software that saves time and money.

Amy Bean - Grand Rapids Public Schools
“I really appreciate everything you do to make the system work as well as possible for all of us. Just wanted to take a moment to say that these and other tweaks are noticed and appreciated. Keep up the great work! You are helping me...which helps my district...which helps my staff help KIDS. And that is our mission.”
Heather Murphy - School District 622
“Thank you for taking my request and making it a reality!! Thank you, SpEd Forms!!”
Angie Lund - Waseca Public Schools
“It is so user friendly - and the support is great!”
Dorothy Eckblad - Goodhue County Ed District
“We have used SpEd Forms since it was first developed as a stand-alone program to it's current state of being a powerful, user friendly internet based program. As SpEd Forms has grown in function as well as in the number of schools served, the company has maintained it's personal, easily accessible staff. It's easy to make direct contact with a person who has answers.”
John Denger - United South Central
“I love the web based version - no upgrades, no backups - it's super!”
Carol Knicker - Innovative Special Education Services
“Thank you. Customer support is wonderful at SpEd Forms.”
Anna Fleischmann - MN Valley Ed District
“I depend on SpEd Forms to keep up with the changes in state expectations of special education paperwork. Assistance is always quick and reliable.”
Robin Ross - South St. Paul Schools
“When changes happen at the state level (which they frequently do) I am confident SpEd will be ready with needed program changes that help us continue to thoroughly do our job!”
Rebecca Patience - Alexandria Public Schools
“SpEd Forms provides simple, reliable and powerful data that administrators can use to make well-informed decisions. It’s user friendly-and the technical support is top notch!”
Betty Smith - Windom
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I couldn't do this job (MA billing) without your help and SpEd Forms.”
Corlis Hicks - Rochester STEM Academy
“The goal bank helps me word goals and objectives clearly. When I find one that's close, it's easy to reword to meet the individual needs of the student. Please convey my thanks to the programmers, engineers, and staff at SpEd Forms.”
Colleen Goltz - Area Special Ed Coop
“You're always so responsive to any question, suggestion or problem. Service couldn't be better.”
Robin Ross - South St. Paul Schools
“Pretty impressive system you all came up with!!!!! We like it a lot and is far more than expected!”
Jody Tschetter - Designs for Learning
“Because of the quality of service that I have observed and personally received over the past three years, I have only recommend SpEd Forms to new clients and always encourage existing clients to switch over from other providers.”
Susan Flicek - Bemidji
“The quick response we receive to our support requests help us keep our teachers from experiencing frustration.”
Amy Adams - Winona Public Schools
“Excellent support and a willingness to hear our needs.”
Sarah Mittelstadt - Southern Plains Special Ed Coop
“SpEd Forms is efficient and timely. Very user friendly. On the rare occassion there is an error, they fix it immediately.”
Mikey Horton - Duluth Public Schools
“Transferring student records to and from other SpEd Forms districts is a snap.”
Robin Ross - South St. Paul Schools
“SpEd staff are amazing, prompt and knowledgeable.”
Shannon Proulx - Northern Lights Special Ed Coop
“Ease of use! Great technical support! You actually listen to your clients. It's like you're too good to be true!”

SpEd Forms

SpEd Forms is a user-friendly, powerful and cost effective special education data management system.

MA Forms

MA Forms is an easy-to-use system that allows Minnesota schools to electronically bill Medical Assistance for health-related IEP services.

504 Forms

504 Forms make it easy for staff to complete the required due process paperwork and for districts to manage the Section 504 process.

Rtl Forms

RtI Forms guides teams through the problem solving process.

Why SpEd Forms?

Ease of use.​

Teachers are your most valuable resource. SpEd Forms makes it possible for them to spend less time completing due process paperwork and more time with students.


Being out of compliance costs your school district. SpEd Forms helps ensure your district stays in compliance.

Statewide student sharing.

Today’s families are on the move. SpEd Forms allows you to send and receive student files electronically with other districts that use SpEd Forms.

Hardware compatibility.

Sped Forms works on all your desktop, portable and tablet devices.

Information you need.

Sped Forms provides the data you need to make informed decisions.

Focus on special education.

Special education requires focus. SpEd Forms specializes in special education.

Data exchange with district SIS.

Importing and exporting data between SpEd Forms and the district’s student information system saves staff time and effort, and ensures both systems are accurate and up-to-date.

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