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SpEd Forms: Initial Staff Training

This 4 hour training is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of SpEd Forms for special education instructional and related services staff who are assigned “SpEd Teacher” accounts within SpEd Forms. Level I Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet. Topics covered include:

  • Browser compatibility and setup
  • Logging in
  • The Main Menu
  • Setting up their User Profile (menu item 1). Users change their password.
  • The student list: adding a new student, finding an existing student.
  • Sharing and transferring students
  • Forms page
  • Working with the Evaluation Report
  • Working with the IEP
  • Progress Reporting
  • Accessing the Educator Guide
  • SpEdForms.com website

SpEd Forms: Advanced Staff Training

This 4 hour training is aimed at ECSE instructional and related services staff who have been using SpEd Forms for a minimum of one semester and are seeking advanced training in utilizing features that are built into SpEd forms. With advance notice, this training can be customized based on the group who will be attending the training – ECSE teams, K-12 staff, PreK-12 staff or related services staff. Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet. Topics covered include:

  • User Profile (menu items 2 -6)
  • Using additional forms:
    • Part B and C Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan and Prior Written Notice
    • Notice of a Team Meeting
    • IFSP
    • COSF
    • Communication Log
    • Emergency Health Information
    • Special Education Data Sheets
  • Using Quick Reports
  • User-defined Searchable Reports
  • Using the Calendar

Train the Trainer

This one-day, face-to-face training has proven to be the most effective method to train large numbers of new users. We suggest selecting one computer savvy special education instructor or related services staff from each building to be trained as trainers. We also encourage special education administrative staff to attend this training so that they have a thorough working knowledge of SpEd Forms. Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet.

The morning session covers all the topics from the Initial Staff Training – and is exactly the training the trainers will provide their colleagues back in their buildings. The afternoon session covers topics from the Advanced Staff Training, but goes further in providing tips on how to resolve common issues new users may experience. This equips trainers to serve as the SpEd Forms ‘go to’ person in each building, minimizing calls to the special ed office for support.

Districts tell us the Train-the-Trainer model is most effective when the trainer is paired with a special education administrator when doing the building-level training. The trainer shows their colleagues how to use SpEd Forms, while the administrator answers the due process questions that invariably arise.

SpEd Forms: Administrator Training

This 5 hour training is designed for users who have an “Admin”  SpEd Forms account. Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet. Topics covered include:

  • Browser support, logging in and the Main Menu
  • Setting up their User profile (menu item 1)
  • The Admin Overview
  • Setting user administration and permissions
  • District/School Setup
  • Customizing drop down menus
  • Creating local  templates
  • Customizing System Preferences
  • User defined Searchable Reports
    • Student List
    • Combined Report
    • Services
    • Teacher Workload Analysis
    • Student Sharing
    • Student History
  • Using Quick Reports
    • MCA Accommodations
    • ESY Services
    • Status overviews
    • Restrictive procedures
    • Finalization checklist
  • How to pick up students when there is a duplicate ID
  • How to delete from History
  • Setting up a school Calendar
  • Super Admin functions
  • Educator and Administration Guides
  • How to submit a Support Request

SpEd Forms: ECSE Data Reporting Training

This 4 hour face-to-face training is designed to provide ECSE instructional staff, MARSS Coordinators, related services providers, and clerical support staff with the skills necessary to use SpEd Forms to report the required MARSS data (i.e., attendance, membership and special education service hours). Scheduling a training costs $595.00, and each attendee should have a computer connected to the internet. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up enrollment records
  • Entering attendance, membership and special education direct and indirect service minutes
  • Connecting the MARSS Procedure 6 Rules to the data entered
  • Using the guidebook
  • Generating student reports
  • Generating district reports

MA Forms: Billing Coordinator Training

This 8 hour training covers everything from setting up services, eligibility imports, claims submission, and annual reporting for medical assistance.  Participants are trained on the documentation of activity logs so that you can train the service providers in their schools.  Participants must have a computer with internet access, and have their district MN-ITS username and password. Topics covered includes:

  • District Setup
  • Services Setup
  • Student Setup
  • Educator Setup
  • Activity Logs
  • Trip Logs
  • AT Claims
  • Create/edit claim transmission (837)
  • Create eligibility files (270)
  • MN-ITS
  • Importing MN-ITS Responses (271 and 835)
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Annual Data Report

504 Forms Training

This 3-4 hour training is designed to provide a working knowledge of 504 Forms for the District 504 Coordinator and buildng-level 504 Coordinators. 504 Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet. Topics covered include:

  • Browser compatibility and setup
  • Logging in
  • The Main Menu
  • Setting up their User Profile (menu item 1), Changing their password.
  • The student list
    • Adding a new student
    • Finding an existing student
  • Sharing and transferring students
  • Working with 504 Forms
    • Parent/Student Rights
    • Consent for Evaluation
    • Notice of a Conference
    • Section 504 Plan
    • Notice of Discontinuation
    • Manifest Determination
    • draft District Complaint Procedure
  • Finalizing and Archiving Documents
  • Educator Guide
  • SpEdForms.com website


SpEd Forms offers online training for those staff who are unable to attend an in-person training, or for newly hired staff who are unfamiliar with SpEd Forms.  WebEx is an online meeting environment where participants view the presenter’s screen as they demonstrate SpEd Forms, can hear the trainer explain what is occurring on the screen, and participants can ask questions . Attendees will be emailed a link and log in instructions. Visit the WebEx website for more information. 

Training Videos

SpEd Forms: Initial Staff Training (approximately 2hrs, 45 minutes)
SpEd Forms: Advanced Staff Training (approximately 90 minutes)
SpEd Forms: Administrator Training (approximately 60 minutes)


Additional Training

We also offer onsite training at the following prices:
$595 for half-day (4 hours or less) trainings
$995 for full-day (5 hours or more) trainings, including two 4 hour trainings.

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