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SpEd Forms has been making it easier for teachers to complete special education due process paperwork and for administrators to have up-to-the minute access to special education data in a cost-effective manner since 1993. Every year more school districts discover the value of using SpEd Forms. The three most important features of SpEd Forms have always been simplicity, reliability and power.


SpEd Forms was designed by special educators for special educators. It operates the way special educators think. As a result, special educators typically find SpEd Forms intuitive to use, which greatly reduces the time, energy and resources needed for initial and on-going training.

And you don’t need to hire additional technology staff to support SpEd Forms. SpEd Forms is built on the application service provider model, which means it is web based and no in-house technology staff are needed to operate and maintain the program.


How many times have you been frustrated by programs that are unavailable due to technological issues? SpEd Forms is simple. If you have an internet connection then you can connect to SpEd Forms. SpEd Forms boasts a 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In those rare instances when there are connection issues, we will work with your internet providers to restore services as quickly as possible.


SpEd Forms is created with proven technologies to maximize performance and scalability. Our servers are located in state of the art facilities with redundant high speed connections and backup systems. In addition to many built-in reports, administrators have immediate access to all data stored in SpEd Forms through a custom reports interface or directly using SQL statements.

Key Features

For Special Educators
  • All commonly used due process forms
  • External documents (e.g.,medical reports) can be scanned and uploaded into SpEd Forms
  • Electronic archiving of key documents in pdf format for future reference
  • WYSIWYG forms interface
  • Customizable drop down menus
  • Student sharing within district
  • Electronically transfer the entire special education file to any other SpEd Forms district statewide
  • Built-in English/Spanish spell check
  • Extensive goal and objectives library

Key Features​

For Administrators
  • Immediate access to any student record
  • IEP service data collection
  • Dozens of built-in reports including:
    • services reports
    • teacher and related services staff workload analysis
    • user access summaries
    • time line monitoring
  • Custom report writing interface
  • Run SQL statements to extract or modify data
  • Data can be imported and exported between SpEd Forms and most popular student information systems
  • SpEd Forms support system
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